If your animal has been acting differently, seems sad or lethargic, doesn’t have the energy they normally would or is otherwise not themselves, it can be frightening and hard to know what to do. Without outward signs of pain or illness, you might feel like you’re overreacting to take them to the vet, yet you don’t want to endanger them by waiting too long. In these cases, the best idea is to bring them in to our Burbank animal hospital for diagnostic testing.

What Is Veterinary Diagnostic Testing?

While no special equipment is needed to assess an animal from the outside, sometimes that’s not enough. Instead, your vet will need to perform tests that give them a clearer picture of what’s happening inside. At Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we use multiple types of diagnostic tools. These include routine blood work, biopsies, urinalysis, ultrasound imaging, X-rays and more, all with the goal of determining what might be wrong with your pet and making the best possible treatment plan.

Along with the tools and technology that we employ, Rainbow Veterinary Hospital also features an in-house diagnostic laboratory. This allows us to run a full spectrum of tests and receive accurate results quickly – often while you and your pet are still in our office. Our doctors can then interpret and analyze results and discuss our findings with you. After that, we will recommend the best course of treatment for addressing the problem.

When Should You Bring in Your Pet for Diagnostic Testing?

Because they do not speak, pets can’t tell us when they’re in pain or what’s wrong. That means you have to rely on outward signs to determine if they might be experiencing a problem … possibly a life-threatening one. Diagnostic testing can help us get to the bottom of that, but only if you bring your pet in.

If your pet is sick or just hasn’t been acting like their normal, healthy self, don’t hesitate to bring them to us for a diagnostic analysis. Rest assured that we will get to the bottom of whatever may be ailing your four-legged friend, and do what it takes to get them back on the path to good health again as soon as possible.

The Burbank Veterinarian You Can Count On

If you’re looking for a Burbank veterinarian to be a partner in your pet’s health, look no further. At Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we believe that each and every dog, cat or pocket pet we treat is special and deserves our undivided attention. That’s the way we approach the care we provide – individualized, customized and unique. Our personal touch results in the best possible care and helps us forge strong, lifelong bonds with our animal patients. We are located at:

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