As you search for a Burbank veterinarian to provide regular pet exams, immunizations, emergency pet care, and other vet services, we want to be that provider. Here at the Rainbow Veterinary Hospital in Burbank we offer comprehensive pet services for a wide variety of animals. Find out what to know when you are coming to our veterinary clinic for the first time with your pets. This guide will help you make the most of that first visit so to establish a solid relationship with our vet staff.

What to Expect During a Visit to the Rainbow Veterinary Hospital: Burbank Veterinarian

During your first visit to the Rainbow Veterinary Hospital we will begin by filling out forms and establishing a detailed history of your pet. This will involve going over their immunization records, pet surgery history, and any other services provided previously by vets. For your part, make sure to bring along any vet records you have pertaining to your pet. Also write down any specific medical events, such as chocolate poisoning or spaying surgery, that can help us establish a current medical chart. We also provide you with a new patient registration form that you can download from home and complete prior to your pet’s first visit. This saves both you and our staff time in the paperwork process.

Burbank Pet Boarding 

If you are coming to the Rainbow Vet Hospital in Burbank to board your pet, we have a different process. We have boarding paperwork available online for you to fill out. Your pet does not have to be a regular patient here at our veterinary clinic in order to utilize our pet boarding services.

Burbank Pet Care Scheduling Services

Also during that initial visit we will set up a schedule of services for your pet in the near future. These may include a routine physical exam, flea and tick exams, dental exams, and grooming. You will work with our helpful veterinarian team to create a schedule that best suits the needs of your pets, as well as your busy schedule. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive selection of veterinary services so to give your pets the best life possible.

Contacting Your Burbank Veterinarian 

We are excited that you are considering the Rainbow Veterinary Hospital as your go-to Burbank veterinarian. Our mission is to provide a helpful and happy environment for all pets in the Burbank area. Contact our office today to schedule your pet’s first visit. We will work with you depending on the needs of your pets to ensure they receive the best and fastest care possible.