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Our pets do more than just occupy space in our homes. They provide us with companionship, affection and unconditional love. They are the keepers of secrets and the most loyal of friends. They are more than just animals – they are a part of the family.

At Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we believe that each and every dog, cat or pocket pet we treat is special, and deserves our undivided attention. That is the way we approach the care we provide – individualized, customized and unique to meet the specific needs of your pet. It’s this personal touch that allows us to not only provide our patients with the best possible care, but to forge strong, lifelong bonds that we believe are the most important part of quality veterinary care.

Our services are designed to both promote a lifetime of good health and to address any medical situation that may arise for your pet over the years. From wellness checks to diagnostic tests to dental care and surgery, we’re prepared to work with you – every step of the way – as your trusted ally with the shared goal of helping your four-legged friend enjoy as many happy, healthy years by your side as possible.

About Us

Rainbow Veterinary Hospital is a full service small animal practice serving the people and pets of Burbank, San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities. We believe that quality health care begins with establishing relationships with both our client and the animals with whom they share their lives.

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Our Services

At Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we don’t just want to be there for you when your pet is sick or injured. We want to provide you with proactive tools, education and advice on how to keep your companion well over time.

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New Clients

Here at the Rainbow Veterinary Hospital in Burbank, CA, we offer comprehensive pet services for a wide variety of companion animals; from dogs and cats to bunnies and guinea pigs. Find out what to know when you are coming to our veterinary clinic for the first time with your pets.

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