No matter how many diseases and disorders can be resolved or reversed through modern veterinary science, there is no stopping the forward march of time. Our pets age more rapidly than we do, and as they do, the potential for serious health problems increases. From preventative wellness checks to chronic pain management, you should be ready to seek senior care for your beloved friend and Rainbow Vet Hospital in Burbank CA is ready to provide that care.

How Aging Affects Your Pet

When you were 7 years old, you were still a small child, but for the majority of cats and dogs age 7 marks the beginning of their senior years. (Some animals, notably the giant breeds, become geriatric even earlier in life.) Some of the outward effects of aging may be fairly obvious. Your pet may develop gray hair, demonstrate vision or hearing difficulties, have less control over their bathroom habits and have trouble getting up or moving around quickly (a sign of arthritis).

But other age-related issues may be less apparent to owners. Geriatric animals are at elevated risk for periodontal disease, cancer, kidney failure, hypothyroidism, digestive ailments, liver disease, heart/lung disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes and other problems. One disorder may in fact aggravate another, such as arthritis-enforced sedentary behavior leading to weight gain, which in turn promotes diabetes and heart disease. Pets can even suffer from cognitive decline and dementia. Not all animals suffer the same types of age-related health challenges; for instance, senior cats are prone to a feline-specific dental affliction known as tooth resorption. Any combination of these problems can drastically reduce your pet’s quality of life or even shorten that life.

Our Burbank Veterinarian Can Help Your Senior Pet Thrive

Even with the challenges of age-related diseases and disorders, your senior pet can continue to enjoy his golden years when he has Rainbow Vet Hospital looking after him. Our Burbank veterinarian may recommend that your pet receive two wellness exams per year instead of just one. This enables us to catch organ dysfunction, cancer, diabetes and other dangerous conditions as early as possible. We will also examine your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, stance/gait and behavior while asking you about any recent changes you may have noticed. Weighing your pet can confirm issues such as obesity.

If your pet does have age-related health problems, trust Rainbow Vet Hospital to treat them. Our Burbank veterinarian may recommend:

  • Special diets in response to obesity or other medical conditions
  • Medications and nutritional supplements to help manage chronic pain or diseases
  • Recommendations for gentle exercises to maintain strength, flexibility and weight
  • Lifestyle modifications to help your pet cope with sensory or cognitive problems

Schedule Senior Pet Care Today

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