Bringing a pet home offers the chance to open up your heart and enjoy the companionship of an animal; however, it also means that you are responsible for an animal’s well-being and health. By visiting Rainbow Vet Hospital we ensure that your pet has regular wellness exams and vaccinations, you reduce the risks to a pet’s health and ensure that you have the tools to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Also, refer to our wellness blog for more great information on wellness and PDFs to exactly what our veterinarians are looking for when they gently push, pull or poke your dog or cat during a visit!

What is a Wellness Exam?

A wellness exam refers to a basic check-up that a Burbank veterinarian provides to help access and evaluate a pet’s current health and wellness. At our clinic, we evaluate the way that a pet moves, check for potential health concerns and ensure that your pet has appropriate nutrition based on his or her age group. We also offer educational information to pet owners about appropriate diet and exercise based on a pet’s current needs.

As a general rule, we recommend an annual wellness exam after the initial treatments, vaccinations and evaluations of the first year of life. You can also seek a wellness exam if you have any concerns about a pet’s behavior or notice any changes or oddities that raise concerns about a pet’s health.

Why Get Vaccinations?

Vaccinations are shots that we give a dog, cat or any other pet to help reduce the risk of certain risks and illnesses. We offer vaccinations for most health concerns based on a pet’s species. For example, any mammal like a dog or cat needs a rabies shot to prevent the sickness and ensure that he or she does not have a risk of serious health problems.

The reasons you want to get vaccinations for your pet include:

  • Preventing serious disease, like rabies or canine distemper
  • Limiting exposure to possible threats or health concerns
  • Protecting the entire family, particularly when sicknesses can spread between species
  • Keeping up with changing laws

Although some vaccinations are optional, it is important to consider any vaccination for your pets before assuming that it is not appropriate for your needs. Laws regarding pet health change constantly and the vaccinations help prevent the spread of certain diseases. It also ensures that your pet is healthy and has a low risk of facing severe health problems from a bacteria or virus.

Visiting a Burbank Veterinarian for Good Pet Health

When you determine that your pet needs proper care and management, visiting a Burbank veterinarian can help you address your concerns. At our clinic, we offer wellness exams, vaccinations and treatments for common health concerns that arise. During a visit, we check for potential health problems and keep you informed about the treatment options available when a pet develops a health problem.

Your pet needs appropriate care throughout his or her life. By getting regular wellness exams and keeping up with vaccinations and booster shots, you protect a pet against discomfort, pain and serious health concerns. For more details about our pet treatment options, contact us today.

Check out our great informational PDF’s about what goes on during a pet wellness exam below:

Dog Physical Exam

Cat Physical Exam