Good nutrition and a healthy weight are the cornerstones of a long, healthy life for your animal companion. Yet, with so many different food products and dietary supplements on the market today, choosing the right one for your pet can be challenging. What’s more, determining what the right weight range is for your companion isn’t always easy – nor is helping them achieve and maintain that weight. If you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed or just need a little guidance, the team at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital is here to help. We’re experienced in all aspects of animal nutrition and can develop a customized diet and exercise plan that is tailored to your pet’s specific needs and lifestyle.

The process begins with a detailed analysis of your pet’s overall health, lifestyle and risk factors. We’ll consider such important things as how old your companion is, his or her breed, activity level and the existence of any medical conditions. The right diet can help with ongoing health maintenance, improve performance and even help manage existing medical problems. Once we’ve established your pet’s specific needs, we can then develop a customized nutritional strategy that will help them achieve optimum health. We’ll also advise you on such things as how much you should be feeding your pet and how often, to avoid overfeeding.

Next, we’ll assess your pet’s weight management needs. Animals that are even just a few pounds overweight are at a much greater risk of developing serious and sometimes life threatening medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis. To reduce this risk, we need to determine what your pet’s ideal weight range should be so we know what to aim for. Once we know this, we’ll work with you to help develop an exercise plan that will suit your companion’s needs, preferences and lifestyle.

You want your pet to enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible, and so do we. It starts with a foundation of good nutrition and proper weight control. Let us create a plan that will bring out the very best in your animal companion and help them achieve a lifetime of good health.