Dental Questions and Answers from Our Burbank Veterinarian

As a caring pet owner, you probably have a great many questions about how you can protect your beloved companion’s teeth and mouth. Fortunately, your friends at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital know the answers — and we can provide the essential dental care your pet needs. Here are some frequently asked questions about dental health and wellness, as provided by our Burbank veterinarian.

Why do I need to schedule regular pet dental evaluations? Pets such as dogs and cats can develop many of the same dental issues as their human keepers, so they need dental evaluations just as we do. Our Burbank veterinarian can spot tooth damage, decay, gum disease, and oral cancer in time to provide the earliest possible treatment.

How does oral bacteria affect pets? Oral bacteria is the root cause of gum disease, tooth decay, and the inflammatory response that leads to bone loss in the jaw. Bacteria feed on a sticky substance called plaque that builds up slowly and hardens into tartar. As the bacteria work their way underneath the gum line and through the enamel, the teeth and gums, along with the connective tissues that anchor the teeth to the jawbone, are destroyed.

What are the potential complications of oral infections? Oral infections can lead to severe pain, bleeding gums, difficulty eating and tooth loss. But the trouble doesn’t end there — the bacteria can also move to other parts of the body, damaging the heart and other vital organs. That’s why veterinary dental care is so critical.

Which signs of gum disease can I recognize? Signals that indicate a possible dental problem include foul breath, gums that bleed if you press on them, reddening of the gums, receding gums, and a thick buildup of tartar along the outer tooth surfaces. If you notice any of these issues during a routine inspection of your pet’s mouth, it’s time to visit our Burbank veterinarian!

Should I brush my pet’s teeth? Brushing your pet’s teeth is a valuable complement to regular veterinary dental care. The less plague is allowed to build up on the teeth and gums, the less work we may need to do when we see your pet. Our Burbank veterinarian can show you how to brush your pet’s teeth and recommend an appropriate “pets-only” toothpaste.

If I’m brushing my pet’s teeth, why do I need to schedule cleanings? Brushing will reduce plaque buildup, but it can’t eliminate it, especially underneath the gum line. It takes professional skill, equipment and techniques to remove that stubborn tartar and ensure your pet’s dental health.

Schedule a Dental Evaluation With Our Burbank Veterinarian

Our Burbank veterinarian is happy to answer any other questions you may have in person. Isn’t it tme you scheduled a dental evaluation and cleaning for your favorite four-legged friend? Contact Rainbow Veterinary Hospital and let us give your pet the long, healthy life he so richly deserves!