The Importance of Taking Care of Your Pet’s Oral Health

Bad breath is a sign that your pet is overdue for teeth cleaning. Generally, dogs and cats should have their teeth cleaned once a year. Pets that have been diagnosed with advanced gum disease may need more frequent oral checkups. We are happy to keep track of your pet’s oral health needs and send you reminders.

Oral cleanings and extractions not only protect your pet’s overall health, they save you money by reducing the likelihood your pet will need a more costly procedure down the road. If you do not tend to your dog or cat’s oral health, they could experience pain and difficulty eating while suffering dental problems for the rest of their lives.

Why We Use Anesthesia With Pet Dental in Burbank

Many pet owners are reluctant to get their pet’s teeth cleaned because they worry their dog or cat won’t like it. For the convenience of pets and their owners, we offer pet dental care using anesthesia. Anesthesia keeps your cat or dog pain-free while we check their teeth, clean under the gum line where 70-80% of the problems exist, polish and remove plaque and tartar buildup. Also, we do Preanesthetic blood work(Lab) to make sure the liver and kidneys are normal and monitor the heart during the dental cleaning.

We know some patients are wary of anesthesia with pet dental in Burbank. They wonder why we need to put their cats or dogs under anesthesia to clean their teeth. Anesthesia is the only way to keep your pet comfortable while we do comprehensive teeth cleaning. Even the calmest pet cannot remain relaxed through complete teeth cleaning. How can we do a good job of cleaning plaque and tartar when a pet is squirming away from our vet? Additionally, your pet feels pain and stress when they are awake during a correct dental cleaning. The process is much less traumatic for your pet when they’re sedated.

When your pet is gently sedated, our staff can do a thorough exam that includes x-rays. If your pet has periodontal disease, it will show up in x-rays and we can take corrective action. In a teeth cleaning, we can scrape plaque and tartar off their teeth and below the gumline, where the most bacteria lives. When your pet is asleep, we can do this without traumatizing them. If you see a vet who does not use anesthesia, it can give you a false sense of security without really addressing your pet’s oral health needs. Protect your pet and invest in teeth cleaning that will make a difference with anesthesia dental.

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