A healthy mouth may be even more important for pets than it undoubtedly is for humans. Animals can’t hold utensils or carry objects in their paws, so their teeth serve multiple roles beyond simply chewing food. Your pet’s dental health is critical to his well-being and quality of life. That’s why you’ll want to take advantage of the pet dental care services available from our Burbank veterinarian at Rainbow Pet Hospital.

Common Dental and Oral Issues in Pets

Pets are vulnerable to both acute and chronic dental and oral problems. Injuries to the mouth may produce cracks or breaks in the teeth. This damage not only exposes the sensitive nerve tissue within; it also permits bacteria to infect the tooth, possibly invading other teeth or parts of the body as well. Your pet may display obvious pain, resist being touched, or have trouble eating in these situations. Less obvious, but possibly even more dangerous, is the threat of oral cancer. This aggressive form of cancer may lurk silently, growing to an advanced stage without your knowledge.

The most common everyday threat to animals’ teeth, however, is a periodontal disease. This gum disease stems from an inflammatory reaction to bacteria that feed on plaque and tartar. It can lead to pain, swelling, bleeding, foul breath, and eventual loss of teeth.

Trust Our Burbank Vet for Dental Evaluations and Treatment

Entrust your pet’s dental health and wellness to Rainbow Pet Hospital. Our Burbank vet recommends annual dental evaluations for most pets, with more frequent evaluations for senior animals or specific breeds that may be especially prone to dental problems. We can check every aspect of your pet’s dental and oral health. If we detect oral cancer, periodontal disease, or tooth damage, we’ll review the treatment options with you and provide that treatment right away. We can treat oral cancer, extract a diseased tooth, or prescribe antibiotics to fight infections.

Deep cleaning under anesthesia is another important part of routine dental care. By getting rid of any plaque and tartar adhered to your pet’s teeth, we can prevent the bacterial infiltration that causes periodontal disease. We’re also happy to advise you on home care methods such as tooth brushing (using pet-friendly toothpaste) and tartar-control foods or chew toys.

Call Rainbow Pet Hospital to Schedule Dental Care

Your pet needs a healthy mouth — which means he needs you to make sure he gets high-quality dental care. Give him the best possible chance for a lifetime of dental health and comfort. Call Rainbow Pet Hospital today at (818) 846-1166 to schedule your pet’s next dental evaluation from our Burbank veterinarian. You know your best friend would do the same for you!