Dogs are prone to catching a highly contagious respiratory infection, commonly referred to as kennel cough. This infection arises from the spread of viruses or bacteria through the upper respiratory tract. Although this infection is not particularly serious in healthy dogs, elderly or sickly animals could suffer severe complications. Since the infection spreads so readily through direct and environment contact, prevention is the best way to control kennel cough.

Here at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we take kennel cough diagnosis, treatment, and prevention seriously. You can trust that we will help your dog make a full recovery and avoid subsequent infections in the future.


Most dogs who are suffering from a kennel cough infection simply display a hacking cough that sounds much like a goose honking. In addition to a cough, some dogs will gag and cough up white foam, have a fever or experience nasal discharge. Your dog will likely show signs of illness by resting more often than normal or refusing food and treats that would normally be gobbled down in an instant.

Remember, if you notice any strange physical or behavioral symptoms; bring your dog in for a checkup by your Burbank veterinarian right away. Your vet will help you figure out what is affecting the health of your pet and how to best treat that medical problem.


If your dog displays symptoms of kennel cough, you can reach out to your trusted Burbank veterinarian for treatment options. The kennel cough treatment process typically involves symptom control and monitoring. You may be advised to use a humidifier to soothe your dog’s breathing passages and a cough suppressant to keep serious coughing at bay. You will need to keep your dog far away from other canines and areas where dogs might frequent on a daily basis.


Prevention is key in making sure that your dog does not catch kennel cough and require extensive care from your Burbank vet. The best way to prevent this infection is by way of three vaccinations called Bordetella, parainfluenza, and adenovirus-2. You must follow your Burbank veterinarian’s dosing instructions to adequately protect your pet from this infection. Once you complete the initial vaccination series, only yearly boosters are required to continue to protect your dog from kennel cough.

Acquiring Burbank Vet Care for Your Beloved Canine Friends

If you are ready to partner with your Burbank vet for the prevention of kennel cough, call 818-846-1166 to reach our team at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital. Your trusted Burbank veterinarian will always tend to the immediate needs of your pet and discuss preventative tactics for the prevention of serious illnesses. Feel free to contact us anytime you need our support in the complete care of your beloved canine friends.