Dogs are curious animals and it is in their nature to get into things that may not be good for them. It is up to dog owners to protect their pet from accessing things that might hurt them, and if they do come into contact with something harmful, they should seek emergency pet care in Burbank in order to see that they are properly detoxified from the dog poison and have the best chance at recovery. However, it is best to take steps to prevent them from accessing dog poison in the first place.

Dog-Proofing Your Home and Yard for Preventing Dog Poisoning

If you have a dog or puppy it is important to keep them out of a harm’s way, much like you would with a baby or small child. Some of the things you need to keep out of your home or in a secure place unreachable to your dog include

  • Plants. Many household plants and fertilizer, including but not limited to Easter Lily, Azalea, Sago Palm, Yew Plant, and Oleander. Some reactions result in illness, but others can be fatal. Be sure to know what plants are in your home and yard and research the potential toxic effects. If you fertilize your yard, be sure there is a safe area for your dog to access for his own personal business, and keep him out of the other area until you are sure the chemicals are dry,
  • Medications for Humans or Other Animals – What works for you or your cat will not necessarily work for your dog. Cats and dogs have different health needs — even if a dog is “cat sized” don’t use cat products on dogs or vice versa without consulting a vet. Some common medications we use on ourselves, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be fatal or cause major health issues in a dog.
  • Some human foods – While feeding table scraps is a personal choice, and generally not recommended, at Rainbow Vet Hospital we understand that sometimes dogs are hard to resist. For some things, you should stand firm and resist those doggy eyes. For example chocolate and grapes/raisins are both highly toxic. Other foods that raise red flags include onions, mushrooms, yeast dough, coffee, alcohol, and macadamias
  • Cleaning chemicals – As with children, cleaning chemicals and garage products such as antifreeze, gasoline, and motor oil need to be kept well out of reach in a cabinet that pets cannot access.
  • Pest Control Products- Be careful with how you control pests in your household. Many traps have ingredients that will attract your dog as well as the unwanted pest. See that they are occupied elsewhere and are far away if any defoggers are used.

What To Do When You Need Emergency Pet Care Burbank

Whether your dog got into something that was poisonous or was injured suddenly in some other way, acting fast and getting him professional veterinarian care as soon as possible is important. At Rainbow Vet Hospital we offer a number of services that can help prevent accidents from happening, such as behavior counseling and boarding services to help keep dogs from spending long periods of time home alone and helping their owners with training techniques.

Call Our Burbank Vet If You Are Experiencing A Pet Poison Emergency!

If your emergency happens during the hours we are open, we will make time to see your pet right away, and will work with an emergency pet care provider in Burbank in the event that we are not available during the moment of crisis.  To learn more about how we can give your dog the care they need contact us at (818) 846-1166 to schedule an appointment.