At Rainbow Vet Hospital, our Burbank veterinarian offers all the health and wellness services your pet needs to lead a healthy and happy life. When it comes to diagnostic services, we’re proud to offer digital pet radiology. This state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment allows us to achieve the clearest and most precise possible image, allowing us to make an accurate diagnosis that can even save a pet’s life.

What is Digital Radiology and What Are Its Benefits?

Specifically, digital radiology is a diagnostic service that involves the taking of X-rays to see the internal structures of a pet’s body. In the past, outdated machinery rendered X-rays that used film, which needed time after each image was taken to develop. With digital X-rays (radiology), however, we’re now able to eliminate the time needed for a film to develop because the X-rays show up immediately on a computer in front of the radiology technician and/or vet. This also allows for more accurate images, since X-rays can be re-taken as needed for the best shot. And of course, since the X-rays are digital, we’re able to achieve a higher quality image that allows for more accurate assessment and diagnosis. Furthermore, the digital nature of these X-rays allows for easy sharing of images between veterinarians and pet owners.

The speed with which diagnostic images can be obtained using digital radiology can make all the difference in diagnosing an injury or underlying medical condition in a pet as soon as possible. From there, we can begin treatment promptly, which increases the chances for success. And of course, digital X-rays are 100% painless for your pet. All he or she needs to do is lie there comfortably while our radiology machine grabs the images. Most pets don’t even realize anything is going on during an X-ray.

Conditions a Digital Radiology Scan Can Detect

There are many conditions, injuries, and other medical issues that can be detected through the use of digital radiology. One of the most common injuries that we diagnose using this technology is broken and fractured bones. Digital X-rays allow us to see even small, hairline fractures in the bones that may otherwise go undetected.

We can also use digital radiology to spot blockages in the intestinal tract, which are especially common when a pet ingests something he or she shouldn’t have gotten into.

Additional conditions or injuries that we may be able to diagnose through digital radiology include:

  • tumors and other growths
  • bladder stones and kidney stones
  • soft tissue injuries and damage
  • organ problems (heart, kidneys, lungs, etc.)
  • urinary tract infections
  • reproductive system conditions (including pregnancy)

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