Is there a Breed Restriction?

No, we accept breeds of any kind. All we require is that they are friendly and up to date on all vaccines and copy of their vaccine history.

Do you board cats?

Yes, cats have their own kennels. If you have multiple cats, they can share a kennel or sleep separately if you prefer. Cats enjoy a quiet area separate from noisy dogs.

Can I request a Bath at the end of a Boarding Stay?

Yes, after a 5th night stay we offer complimentary baths (for dogs only). If it’s before the 5th night, there will be a fee. Please ask us for pricing.

Do you take my dogs out for a walk?

Yes, we take them out twice a day

Will my dogs get to socialize with other dogs?

Yes they will get a chance to socialize when going on their daily walks. If your dog is not friendly with other dogs, please let us know and we can walk him/her alone. To ensure your dog does not get lonely or bored, attendants shower our quest with extra TLC and give them opportunities to interact with other dogs and caregivers when appropriate.

How long are the daily walks?

15-20 minutes. We take them on a nice walk around our neighborhood.

When can I drop off and pick up my pet(s)?

We are open Monday – Friday 8-6 pm and Saturday 8-4 pm. WE ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. (Hours May Vary)

Can I make arrangements to pick up my pet(s) on a Sunday?

No, unfortunately we are closed. But our technicians do come in and do their regular boarding routine.

Is there anyone in the building overnight?

Not overnight, But our technicians come in after hours to check up on your furry friends.

Can we visit our pets while boarding?

Yes, our visiting hours are Monday – Friday 8-6 pm and Saturday 8-4 pm. But please call ahead of time to confirm our hours. If you are unable to visit your pets, you’re more than happy to give us a call and we will give you an update on how your pets are doing. Also if you have a social media account (Instagram or Facebook) sometimes we post their photo online, or we will be more than happy to email you a photo of them while they’re having fun.

My pet is on a prescription diet and also takes medication, will that be a problem?

No, we will gladly accommodate your pet with their medical needs. However, there will be an additional fee for any medication administered and diabetics are a special case.

My cat has diabetes; can a staff member manage their diet, exercise, and their injections?

Yes, our trained staff members are always available to administer injections, oversee boarding activates, and provide special services to animals in our care. If this is the first time your pet is staying with us, our veterinarian will request health records from your current or former veterinarian prior to boarding, so he has records of your cat’s diabetes.

What items should I take when boarding my pets?

You’re more than welcome to bring anything that will make your pet feel at home. We have all of the essentials here. We have beds, blankets, water bowls and also offer our house food. However, If your pet is on a specific diet, we recommend you bring their own food.

Do you offer any discounts if I board my pet for a few weeks?

Yes, after 21 days it’s 10% off and after 30 days its 15% off. Accumulative for the calendar year.

It’s been really hot lately; will my dogs be safe and cool?

Yes, our boarding areas are indoor and are climate controlled.

What happens if my pet gets sick while boarding?

The benefit of boarding at a veterinary hospital is that we have a Doctor on site. However, before any treatment can be made, we will notify you beforehand if possible.

My pet(s) vaccines are due while he/she is staying, can they be done while they’re boarding?

Yes, we can vaccinate your pet(s) while they’re boarding with us. If your pet(s) need anything else while boarding (example: nail trim, dental cleaning, anal glands, lumps or bumps, lab work, etc…) we would be happy to do so.