In addition to being your go-to full-service veterinary clinic, Rainbow Vet Hospital is also proud to offer Burbank pet boarding for cats and dogs. Whether you’re planning an upcoming vacation or are being called away for a business trip, of course, you want to know that your pet is in good hands while you’re away. Our staff takes the time to truly get to know your pet, bond with them, and make sure they’re as comfortable and happy as possible until you return. And with separate housing quarters for dogs and cats, you can rest assured that your pet will be in a cozy, low-stress environment.

Please call to ask us about our boarding prices.

Boarding for Cats

We understand that cats tend to have a harder time adjusting to being away from familiar surroundings than dogs, which is why our cat boarding quarters are separated from the dogs’ boarding facility. This allows cats to enjoy a quiet, comfortable housing environment while you’re away. Each cat has his or her own individual space where they’re free to explore and roam as much as desired. Our boarding attendants will take the time to visit your feline friend each day, providing them with food (ours or yours brought from home), fresh water, and TLC. Each cat is also provided with cozy, soft bedding, though you are also free to bring your cat’s favorite blanket, toys, or other small items to make him or her feel more at home.

Boarding for Dogs

Dogs also have their own individual boarding quarters and bedding is provided. Dogs who wish to socialize with others will be able to play to their heart’s content in our outdoor runs while supervised by our trained and experienced staff. Each dog is also taken for daily walks to keep them active, and you can rest assured that your dog will receive personalized attention each day. We provide daily feedings and you are free to bring along your dog’s food from home or use ours—whichever works best for you. Our staff is trained in handling dogs of all temperaments, working to make them as comfortable as possible and relieving any stress they may feel being away from you.

Benefits of Boarding at a Pet Hospital

When you board your pet at a reputable pet hospital, you can also enjoy the added peace of mind in knowing your dog or cat is never far from professional veterinary care if the need arises. While it is unlikely, many pet owners find that they feel better knowing their pets can be seen and treated by a veterinarian during their stay if they fall ill without needing to be transported to another facility.

Reserve Your Burbank Pet Boarding Today!

Ready to reserve Burbank pet boarding at Rainbow Vet Hospital? Give us a call today at (818) 846-1166 to find out more about our boarding/vaccination requirements and to secure your pet’s dates. We look forward to caring for your pet while you’re away!

Rainbow Veterinary Hospital believes that every pet we treat is special. In addition to our full array of available veterinary services, we also provide the same undivided attention with our pet boarding services. We know that boarding a pet in Burbank can be a stressful time for both you and your beloved companion. Whether you are going away for a weekend or taking an extended holiday vacation, you can rest assured knowing that your pet is receiving all the services, TLC, and amenities needed to feel right at home in our clean, comfortable boarding facility.

Your pet will relax in our spacious living quarters, where we separate dogs and cats so each can relax freely. We provide everything needed for a comfortable stay, or work with you to afford your pet all the comforts of home. For example, we provide soft, comfortable bedding, but you are also free to bring a favorite toy, pillow, or plaything to make your pet feel more secure. The same philosophy applies to your pet’s meals. We offer a delicious, nutritious meal twice a day, but you are also welcome to bring your pet’s favorite food and snacks.

Most of all, our caring staff members are here to make sure your pet remains safe, happy and healthy during its stay. Dogs are walked daily, while cats have the freedom to romp and explore their quarters to their hearts’ content. To ensure pets do not get lonely or bored, attendants shower our guests with extra TLC and give them opportunities to interact with other animals and caregivers when appropriate. Our boarding staff members are trained to respond to negative behaviors with compassion and positive reinforcement techniques that relieve stress and fear in pets with new surroundings.

Burbank Pet Boarding at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital

For the safety and comfort of all of our guests, we require that your pet is up to date on all of its vaccinations before boarding with us. Call us if you have any questions about required pet vaccinations, or if you need to schedule an appointment to have these vaccines updated prior to your pet’s stay. Pets must also be free of fleas, ticks and other parasites prior to arriving at our facility. Pets with active infections or other conditions that may put other pets at risk may not be accepted. Boarding guests may only be dropped off and picked up during our regular business hours.

We will professionally administer any medications to maintain your pet’s health. Should we notice any unusual symptoms or behaviors, we bring them to the attention of our Burbank veterinarian to determine if any further action is required.

We look forward to spending time with your furry friend, and offer one free day with six days of boarding, as well as a complimentary pet bath. Rainbow Veterinary Hospital is located at 2321 West Empire Avenue in Burbank, CA 91504. “Like” our Facebook page to receive ongoing tips about pet wellness. Call us at (818) 846-1166 for further information on pet boarding, or to receive a $25 discount on your pet’s first veterinary visit.