Tips from Our Burbank Veterinarian for Summer Pet Safety

Our pets are like us in many ways. One of those ways is that we both love summer! Our Burbank veterinarian at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital wants to remind you that although there are many ways we can enjoy the warm weather, there are still precautions pet owners need to take to ensure our furry friends are safe!

Hot weather during the summertime can be dangerous to your pet. Since animals don’t sweat like we do, it is difficult for them to stay cool. Dogs keep cool by panting. If the only air available to breathe is hot air, it is hard it to keep cool. Here are a few summertime tips from our Burbank veterinarian, Dr. Metzger:

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe this Summer

Keep Your Pet’s Paws Cool

Roads and patios made of asphalt, concrete, or metal become very hot in the summer sun. Your pet can get burnt paws and can also become overheated due to the increase in body temperature.

Never Leave a Pet in a Hot Vehicle

Even on a nice 80-degree day, temperatures inside a car can get up to 160 degrees in direct sunlight!  It only takes minutes for your pet to have a heat stroke and/or suffocate if left in a hot car.

Keep Pets Hydrated

It is crucial to make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water to drink. In addition, keep them out of direct sunlight for extended time periods of time.

Dogs Can Get Sunburnt

It may sound surprising, but pets with short hair or light-colored fur can sunburn. Avoid this by talking to our Burbank veterinarian about sunscreen for your dog.

Use Flea Protection

Your dog needs protection from fleas, ticks, and even mosquitoes, especially during the summer. Unprotected pets could get Lyme Disease, heartworm, and other serious issues.

Keep Your Dog in Shape

Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog is crucial. Summer is a great time to raise your pet’s physical activity and get them in shape!

If you think your pet has been a victim of the summer heat, call our Burbank veterinarian and his team at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital for assistance at 818-846-1166​ today!


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