Taking Care of Your Cat & Dog after Surgery

At Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we provide high quality care for cats and dogs, including during the surgery recovery process. However, once we give your pet the green light to go home, you will need to provide outstanding care for the rest of the recovery. Follow our tips to care for your cat or dog after a procedure.

How to Care For Your Pet after Surgery in Burbank

After we release your cat or dog, we will provide a care sheet with specific instructions related to recovery from the procedure your pet has had. Follow these recommendations first and foremost, along with the tips below, to make caring for your furry friend a breeze.

The incision site will likely be red. Your vet may tell you to use an e-collar or Elizabethan collar on your pet to prevent them from licking or biting the incision. For your pet’s safety, keep this on. Unless recommended by your vet, avoid using creams or salves on the skin since these could complicate recovery.

Expect your pet to have less energy after a procedure. Your kitty or pup might sleep more or be less playful. As your pet recovers, normal energy levels will return. In the meantime, keep your pet inside so you can watch for any worrisome symptoms. If you have other pets, keep them away from your recovering kitty or pop – for now. Rough play could aggravate the incision site.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Follow any dietary recommendations that your vet has recommended. Typically after surgery, your pet should eat and drink small amounts of food and water and should not eat anything new or unusual.

Lastly, learn what signs to watch out for that indicate a recovery problem. Your recovery paperwork should advise you. If your pet begins to bleed, shows signs of breathing trouble, shows loss of appetite or difficulty urinating, contact us right away.

Do you have any questions about your pet’s recovery? We would be happy to talk with you about your concerns if so. Contact our Burbank veterinarian at 818-846-1166 with any questions.


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