Sticking to Your Resolutions, Advice from Our Burbank Veterinarian

As we move further into 2018, we hope that you’ve been able to stick to your New Year’s health resolutions. If you’ve seen your motivation dwindle, don’t give up just yet! If you are lucky enough to be a pet owner, it’s a good idea to consider bringing your pet on board for your resolutions so you can both tackle your health together!  As a responsible pet owner, make sure your pet’s health is also a part of your resolution to a healthier year.

Pet Health

Just like people, animals can become overweight. Carrying too much weight is stressful on your pet’s heart and joints.  If you are choosing to get healthier, now is a great time to consider your dog’s health.  Dog health requires proper nutrition and daily exercise.  By making a resolution to walk your dog regularly, you will be increasing your health as well as the health of your dog.

Another very important component of pet care is nutrition.  Cat health and dog health both requires the proper amount of food.  Speak with a veterinarian at the Rainbow Veterinary Hospital to determine how much you should be feeding your pet.  Too much food can be just as harmful as too little.  If your pet is carrying some extra pounds, discuss with your veterinarian about putting your pet on a diet.  Together you and your cat or dog can shed the extra weight and be at your healthiest.

Spend Time with Your Pet

Cat health and dog health also encompasses your pet’s mental health.  Just like people, animals can become lonely and depressed.  If you spend a good amount of time at work, school, or otherwise away from home, it is a good idea to make a resolution to spend more time with your pet.  In addition to improving your pet’s well-being, spending time with pets has been clinical shown to increase life satisfaction.  Make sure to spend more time with your pet.  It will benefit both you and your pet.

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