Should My Dog or Cat Get a Wellness Exam?

At Rainbow Vet Hospital in Burbank, CA, we firmly believe that all dogs and cats should have wellness exams on a regular basis. As a pet owner, the more you understand about wellness exams and how beneficial they are for your pet, the better equipped you’ll be to take care of your pet.

Wellness Exams Keep Pets Healthy and Happy

Wellness exams help your pet’s veterinarian find out what’s going on physically with your pet. When you bring in your cat or dog to see our veterinarian at Rainbow Vet Hospital, we do a thorough check for a variety of problems and changes that may have occurred in your pet’s body. We’ll carefully inspect your pets:

  • Coat
  • Mouth
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Feces
  • Blood
  • Breathing
  • Heartbeat and more!

During your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll also check to see that your pet is up to date on vaccinations, and make recommendations for boosters if your pet needs them. We’ll answer any questions that you may have about your pet’s health, check your pet’s weight, and make recommendations for changes that you can make with regards to your pet’s lifestyle.

Wellness exams can help veterinarians catch pet diseases in their early stages, giving pets the best chance of recovery. This kind of treatment can help cats and dogs of all ages, including your pet.

Cat & Dog Physical Exam

Our Burbank veterinarian thinks that this is a good example of what we check in our annual wellness exam. We also depend on the client to bring in a stool sample from their pet and tell us about any change in your pet’s daily habits like: drinking more water, chewing or licking themselves, small lumps and bumps, won’t eat, more tired than they used to be, limping on a certain leg, yells when the pet is touched in a certain place etc. Just what are veterinarians looking for when they stare and gently push, pull and poke your dog or cat during a visit. Find out with this great informational PDF’s below:

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