Laszlo Pallai, DVM

Dr. Laszlo Pallai is a graduate of Colorado State University’s Veterinary School. Always believing and observing that the human and the dog are a match made in heaven he desired to spend his life serving both and strengthening that bond. He has practiced in southern California since 1986.

He loves tinkering and problem solving and appreciates the opportunities his vocation provides him in putting these skills to use helping his clients and their best friends. Nothing is more gratifying than restoring a fellow being to health and happiness!

Dr. Pallai is active in his church and is married to his wife of twenty eight years. He has two sons, one works for the Department of defense and the other is a pilot and completing his university studies in economics. In his spare time Dr. Pallai enjoys hiking with his dog and biking in the Santa Monica Mountains. He often Vacations in Idaho and loves skiing in Sun Valley where he often sees moose, elk and other wonders.

Patrick Smith, DVM, MVPM

Inspired by James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small, Dr. Patrick Smith received his veterinary degree from Michigan State University. Dr. Smith began making house calls while working at a small animal clinic in Southern New Hampshire. He spent five years working in the central highlands of Papua, Indonesia with Christian Veterinary Mission doing village animal health work where he met his wife, Wendy. Dr. Smith received a master’s degree in preventive veterinary medicine (MPVM) at The University of California, Davis. He has engaged in veterinary collaboration in Haiti, Nepal, China, Myanmar, and Tonga. After a very satisfying twenty years of house calls, while raising his five children in Fresno, CA, Dr Smith is happy to be working at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital.

Francisco, Registered Veterinary Technician

Francisco grew up here in Los Angeles, has a true love for animals and their people and is very invested in giving them the best veterinary experience. His passion led him to initially pursue a degree in biology at California State University, Northridge and then earn his Registered Veterinary Technician license in California. He has worked in the veterinary field since 1993 and managed a large hospital for 10 years before purchasing Rainbow Veterinary Hospital with his wife Claudia. Owning a hospital of their own has a been a dream to provide the best quality medicine for the animals they care for. He also hopes to attend veterinary school to complete his ultimate dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Claudia, Registered Veterinary Technician

Claudia is a Los Angeles native who graduated from UC Davis with a major in animal science. She has always had a strong interest in animals. Ever since childhood she experienced first-hand the beauty of the human-animal bond with her family pet, a cat named Mittens. She first started working in the veterinary field in 1992. After receiving her bachelor’s degree and RVT license from Northern California, she returned to the San Fernando Valley to continue her career. Claudia and Francisco have two children, Sophia and Joaquin, and a 5-pound chihuahua mix, Lucca Bella. They enjoy going to the beach, hiking, being outdoors, spending time with friends, and participating in church.

Christina, Registered Veterinary Technician

Karen, Veterinary Assistant

Raised in Huntington Park, California, Karen is the middle child out of 4 siblings. Her hobbies include gardening, arts and crafts, cooking, and hiking. When she is done with the work day, her two dogs Chabela and Chica welcome her home and cuddle up beside her.

Growing up, Karen always had dogs in the family as well as birds, fish, and small pocket pets like mice. She has always loved animals since youth but there was one experience that sparked her curiosity in the field of veterinary medicine. Her Dalmatian puppy Minnie had parvo virus—a disease that is often fatal to puppies—and Karen was deeply saddened because she did not understand how her dog had gotten sick or why she passed away. Karen, although initially upset, was also intrigued by what had happened and she took it upon herself to learn more about animal diseases and treatment. This experience, in other words, impacted Karen in ways that would eventually lead her to the veterinary field.

Karen initially was studying business in college since she was given an opportunity to work in the banking industry; however, she had a feeling that this career path was not aligning with her interests. She reflected on other options and confirmed that she wanted to enroll in the Veterinary Technician program at Pierce College instead. During this time, Karen worked at a doggy daycare facility and learned more about animals and particular breeds. During work and school, she was able to receive hands-on experience/training with various species like cats, dogs, livestock and small exotics. Karen is now part of the Rainbow Vet staff and recently received her associates’ degree from Pierce College in 2017. Karen enjoys assisting in surgery because she feels every day is a new learning experience and she likes seeing pets leave the hospital in good health. She is currently preparing for the national exam to get her RVT license.

Jennifer, Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer grew up in the Hollywood / Los Angeles area with her parents and other family members. Being an only child, she often felt that pets were her brothers and sisters, even though she argues with her cousins as if they were her siblings. Jennifer always wanted to keep her pets happy and healthy, which is why she got into the veterinary field. Now she cares for pets every day as a Veterinary Assistant at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital!

During her senior year at Hollywood High School, she started volunteering at different rescues from dogs and cats to even pocket pets. After high school, Jennifer started volunteering at the Burbank Animal Shelter while attending college classes. She’s currently attending Pierce College and Los Angeles Valley College to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. After volunteering at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, she was hired on—she loves seeing a pet leave the hospital happy, and especially enjoys when a healthy animal licks her face as a thank-you!

Jennifer’s family has many pets. Oscar is her 4-year old Doberman that lives an active lifestyle since he loves going hiking and running. Mia—her 8 year old Pitbull that loves going on car rides and sleeping—is the only female dog in her house. Blue is her 5-year old blue Doberman that loves playing in the water, especially jumping into the pool. Max, who is the smallest and second oldest dog of the household, shows that he owns the house and is still a youngster that loves swimming, going camping to Yosemite, and going on the jet-ski although being 8 years old. Jennifer also has three rabbits that are well behaved and have been trained to be play around her yard with her dogs, three guinea pigs, a few goldfish, and birds!

In her free time, Jennifer likes being with her family and friends. She likes going hiking with her dogs, attending Dodger games, and going to theme parks for fun. She does like to go shopping and eat at different places, especially eating dessert!

Haylee, Veterinary Assistant

Monica, Veterinary Assistant

Sam, Veterinary Assistant, DVM Student

Since she was a young child, Samantha has always loved everything and anything to do with animals. Her favorite shows growing up were the Crocodile Hunter and the Jeff Corwin Experience because it was fascinating to see and learn about all the different creatures on our planet. She was inspired by the compassion and respect that these shows expressed for animals and it convinced her that she wanted to become a veterinarian when she grew up. One day, while visiting family, she found a bird with its feet stuck in a glue mouse trap. When she saw the bird flapping around helplessly trying to get free, Samantha knew she had to do something to help. Without hesitation, she jumped to the aide of this bird by gently wrapping it in a towel and slowly trying to pry its little feet from the glue. Once it was free, she felt a great sense of satisfaction when the bird was able to fly away. This experience reinforced her desire to pursue veterinary medicine later in life.

After graduating from high school, Samantha initially decided to major in Biology at the University of California Riverside. By the end of her first year, she knew Biology was not the path for her. When Samantha learned about the pre-veterinary program at Pierce College, she swiftly left Riverside and attended her first pre-veterinary courses at Pierce College in the Fall of 2013. She loved all the hands-on experience working with the sheep, goats, chickens, and cattle at the Pierce Farm. Samantha then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona in the fall of 2016 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She is in her second year at Cal Poly and will be graduating in 2018.

Samantha has had a variety of pets since her childhood—everything from geckos, snakes, dogs, birds, cats, and rabbits. Currently, she has 2 miniature schnauzers named Sasha and Ebony, 1 cat named Meow Meow, and a fat rabbit named Charlie. Her favorite pastimes include drawing, hiking, going to the beach, and watching Netflix.

Sammie, Client Care Representative/Veterinary Assistant

Samantha is proudly born & raised in the San Fernando Valley. Like many, she was confident about becoming a veterinarian since she was a kid. She transferred from College of the Canyons to get her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from UC Davis in 2020. While at Davis Samantha began to question the veterinary career path and what her future may hold for her, circling around going into research or starting her own small business with art. However, after graduating during a pandemic, she crossed paths with Rainbow Veterinary Hospital where things took a quick change.

Since Samantha did not grow up with pets in her household, Rainbow Vet was her first exposure directly into the veterinary career field. Overwhelmed by the warm and honest care the staff showed for both the clients and patients, her heart became more still. Samantha has always had a genuine heart for both animals and people, and she is positive that she will grow both individually and professionally at Rainbow Vet.

Samantha’s hobbies include creating art, going on drives, and discovering new music. She also likes to spend her free time picking up new hobbies ranging from learning guitar, trying new art-mediums, stamp carving, and practicing mixology. Her favorite breed has always been the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and otters are her favorite animal, but she absolutely loves petting dogs at any given chance.

Grace, Client Care Representative/Veterinary Assistant

Elizabeth, Client Care Representative

Anna, Client Care Representative

Karla, Groomer