Our Burbank Veterinarian Offers Important Tips on Flea and Tick Prevention

Warmer weather means that fleas and ticks are out and about. These pests can infest your pets and cause health issues for them. Fleas can leave bites that trigger allergic reactions, such as itching, while ticks can spread diseases, including Lyme disease and tick paralysis. Do your pets need protection from fleas and ticks all year round or just during the warmer months? Our Burbank veterinarian recommends using flea and tick prevention all year round.

Protecting Your Pets from Pests

The Burbank area does not experience cold winters as other parts of the country do. This gives fleas and ticks a chance to be active throughout the year, instead of just during spring, summer and fall. Cold winter temperatures typically freeze these pests, but they are able to survive Burbank winters thanks to milder temperatures. Our warmer climate means that your pets have a higher chance of becoming infested with fleas or ticks.

Keep in mind that the Burbank area also has plenty of critters that carry fleas, such as feral cats, raccoons and possums. This also puts your pets at a higher risk of fleas, since these tiny pests can easily get into your yard and jump onto your pets while they are outside. Your pets can also pick up fleas as you take them out for walks around your neighborhood. Instead of waiting to take action until fleas or ticks have already bitten your pets, it is important to reduce the risk of infestations. You can do so with a reliable and safe flea and tick prevention product recommended by our Burbank veterinarian.

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If your pets need flea and tick prevention, contact our Burbank veterinary hospital at 818-846-1166 or click here to find a map of our convenient location. At Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we can recommend the best type of prevention for your pets and treat any flea or tick problems they currently have.

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