National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that cancer is the Number 1 disease-related killer of both dogs and cats? For older dogs, it is the most common cause of death.

This being the case, it’s important that pet owners everywhere are educated on the dangers of pet cancer and the options for treatment. If your animal has cancer and you’re wondering where to go, or if you simply want to learn more about it, it’s time you spoke to a veterinarian about it in honor of National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

Pet Cancer Treatment in Burbank

It’s possible to get pet cancer treatment in Burbank, believe it or not. Just as with humans, pets can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, either alone or in combination with each other. Immunotherapy has also shown to be effective, though it is not as common as other treatments.

The first step is to speak with a knowledgeable veterinarian, such as Rainbow Vet Hospital, and learn about your pet’s disease and their needs. From there, you and your vet can make the best plan for pet cancer treatment in Burbank.

Cancer Treatment Insurance Claims

According to PR Newswire, the America’s largest provider of pet health insurance, Nationwide, received more than 75,000 insurance claims for pet cancer treatment in 2016 – and that’s only one insurance provider.

Owners are starting to take advantage of their policies to ensure their beloved pets get the treatment they need. If your animal requires cancer treatment but you’re not sure how you’re going to afford it, the experts here at Rainbow Vet Hospital will explain it to you, giving you the best possible chance of saving or extending your pet’s life.

Celebrate National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

If you want to get in on the celebration, you can contribute to the Animal Cancer Foundation, to a shelter to help animals who may need treatment simply by posting your support on social media. If you want more information on what kinds of contributions would be most effective, please reach out to us here.

Rainbow Vet Hospital: Your Go-To Place for All Things Pet

At Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we believe that each and every dog, cat or pocket pet we treat is special. No matter what kind of pet you have or what their issue is, we believe that it deserves our undivided attention. That’s the way we approach the care we provide – individualized, customized and unique, to meet the specific needs of your pet.

Our personal touch is what makes us such a popular choice for owners and so calming, reassuring and effective with pets. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with cancer or anything else, please give us a call at 818-846-1166 or request an appointment through our website. We look forward to seeing you and your furry friend soon.


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