Knowing When it’s a Pet Emergency

At Rainbow Vet Hospital, we are here for your pet’s wellness care as well as pet emergencies. Learn common indicators that your pet is having an emergency and find out how we can help.

Warning Signs of a Pet Emergency

As a pet owner, it’s common to worry about your furry friend. As a general rule, anytime you are worried, it’s acceptable to run your pet’s symptoms by your veterinarian via phone. Vets are trained to deal with pet emergencies and will never feel bothered if you call.

Still, it’s helpful to know common signals of a pet emergency. If you notice any of the following, clear your schedule and bring your pet to the vet ASAP:

  • Vomiting blood
  • Vomiting or diarrhea for 24+ hours
  • Broken bones
  • Pet stopped breathing
  • Pet having a seizure
  • Pet bleeding from the nose, mouth, eyes, or blood in urine or feces
  • Pet collapses
  • Pet is unable to stand
  • Pet is pregnant and experiencing complications during delivery
  • Pet shaking, trembling, whining, or exhibiting symptoms of distress or pain
  • Pet ingested known or suspected toxins

How Our Burbank Veterinarian Can Help

During a pet emergency, our first priority is to stabilize your pet and take any corrective action to save their life, for instance administering an emetic if your pet ingested a toxin.

Once your pet is out of the danger zone, we’ll determine what went wrong and develop a treatment plan. At Rainbow Vet Hospital, we have an in-house laboratory. We can run diagnostics or perform an ultrasound and find out what’s bothering your pet, to provide the right treatment quickly. We are happy to answer any questions during emergency appointments.

We can perform pet surgery, including orthopedics, provide treatment for life-threatening conditions such as heartworm or kidney disease, and handle all other pet health issues. Our vets will walk you through what’s wrong and discuss your options, so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for your pet.

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