How to Toilet Train Your Cat in Burbank

Do you hate buying cat litter and changing the litter box? While many cat owners look at the litter box as being a necessary evil of cat ownership, it’s not! You can get rid of that litter box for good! Following these simple instructions, you can teach your cat to use the toilet. At Rainbow Vet Hospital in Burbank, we want all our patients and their owners to know how.

  1. Move the litter box to a spot right by the toilet.If your cat’s litter box is normally far away from the toilet, this may need to be done gradually. Leave the litter box by the toilet for two weeks.
  2. Start raising the height of the litter box. Put the litter box on a platform and over a series of several days, raise the litter box to the same height as the toilet.
  3. Put the litter box on the toilet seat. Use flushable kitty litter in case some of the litter falls into the toilet. If you use the toilet during this time, remember to put the litter box back when you’re done. Do this for two weeks.
  4. Put an in-toilet litter box (found online) into your toilet. Fill it with flushable litter. Leave the toilet seat open for your cat to use it. Use the in-toilet box for two weeks.
  5. Remove the litter box. By this time, your cat should be comfortable using the toilet without a box. Just don’t forget to leave the toilet seat open!

Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet Saves Money

Training your cat to use the toilet can help you save money on litter and it also helps you save time—time you would normally spend cleaning out your cat’s litter box. Want to learn more about how to train and care for your pet? Make an appointment with Rainbow Vet Hospital in Burbank, CA! We’re happy to help you take care of your pet.


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