How to Help Your Dog or Cat Age Gracefully with Our Burbank Veterinarian

Caring for a pet requires consideration for their age and the possibility of health concerns as it ages. Whether your dog or cat is showing signs of aging or simply needs a little extra help to improve their long-term health, a Burbank veterinarian at Rainbow Vet Hospital helps you determine the right tools for your pet’s specific needs.

Clarify When a Pet is a Senior with a Burbank Veterinarian

Before you take measures to encourage graceful aging in a dog or cat, talk to a Burbank veterinarian about your pet’s current age and stage of life. Older pets may not be considered a senior pet at the time you ask, but you want to know when a pet is considered a senior to have an idea of when certain health concerns may develop.

Focus on Preventative Care

After determining your pet’s current stage of life, take measures to prevent health concerns. A key factor is a pet’s diet. Talk to a veterinarian about appropriate diet choices for your pet and their specific health needs. You also want regular visits with a vet to ensure that your pet is on the right track for long-term health.

Encourage Exercise

Exercise is essential for an active lifestyle. A pet feels healthy when getting appropriate exercise and it encourages a graceful aging process. Encourage a pet to exercise by playing games, taking a dog out on regular walks or getting involved with your pet’s exercise habits.

Learn More About the Signs of Health Concerns

When you have a clear idea about preventing health concerns, you also want to discuss common health risks associated with your pet’s breed, age and situation. Learn about the signs of certain health concerns to ensure that you catch problems at an early stage for better treatment and longevity.

Aging gracefully is a process and it starts with preventative care and proper health. By working with a Burbank veterinarian in our clinic, you keep your pets healthy at every stage of life. To learn more about healthy pets, call 818-846-1166 today.


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