Getting Pet Anesthesia for Dental Procedures

Pet dental care is important for pets! As your pet’s veterinarian, we also provide Burbank pet’s dental care. We offer anesthesia for dental procedures to cats and dogs. As a pet owner, you may have questions about the use of anesthesia with your pet’s dental procedure. Understanding the benefits of anesthesia can help you determine whether this type of dental care is right for your pet.

Benefits of Anesthesia Pet Dental Care in Burbank

In our dental package, pre-anesthesia lab work is done to make sure the liver and kidney function is normal and heart function is monitored during the procedure. Anesthesia will then be administered in small doses to your pet during their dental procedure, and helps keep your pet calm and relaxed. The benefits of anesthesia are as follows:

  • Anesthesia helps ensure that pet dental exams and cleanings will be comprehensive. With your pet relaxed for the dental procedure, your pet’s veterinarian will have access to the parts of the teeth that fall beneath the gum line. This helps ensure that your pet’s dental cleaning will be comprehensive.
  • Anesthesia is safe, even for older pets. Anesthesia doses are adjusted according to the pet’s age, weight and medical conditions. This helps ensure that your pet is safe during the dental procedure. Statistics show that only 1-2% pets per 10,000 have a problem with anesthesia.
  • Comprehensive exams using anesthesia help protect your pet from periodontal disease and infection. Because dental procedures that use anesthesia are more comprehensive, this helps ensure that your pet will be able to clean your pet’s teeth fully and completely, and that can protect your pet from periodontal disease, tooth infection and tooth loss.

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As your pet’s veterinarian in Burbank, we offer anesthesia with our dental cleaning procedures to our pet patients. At Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we recommend that your pet visits our veterinarian for a dental cleaning at least once annually. If your pet has not had a dental cleaning yet this year, contact us at 818-846-1166 to make an appointment for your pet’s dental procedure. After your pet’s procedure, we can also talk to you about pet dental care at home and may give you advice about the best ways to keep your pet’s teeth clean.


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