Behavioral Counseling From Your Burbank Veterinarian

If your pet is misbehaving around the house, then it may be time to speak with your Burbank veterinarian. After all, behavioral issues can sometimes stem from a hidden medical problem. Here at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, we understand that behavioral issues in pets can be very frustrating and discouraging. That’s why we offer medical services to make sure your pet does not have a medical issue causing this but we refer behavioral issues to pet trainers that will help you manage the issues. Usually the issues can be corrected in a training class or two. If the issues are worse or long term, we recommend a specialist animal behaviorist.

What to Expect From Pet Behavior Counseling

There are many common behavioral issues that we can address with pet behavior counseling, including:

  • aggression
  • house training issues
  • barking and biting
  • excessive grooming
  • anxiety

For example, does your pet have a tendency to become destructive when you leave the house for extended periods of time? Are you tired of coming home to destroyed furniture and broken objects? If so, then your pet may actually be suffering from separation anxiety, which leads him or her to act out when you’re not around.

To treat behavioral problems, first determine the root of the unwanted behavior. From there, work to stop bad habits through a series of positive reinforcement, reward, and other techniques that are proven effective in dogs, cats and other common house pets.

Keep in mind that your pet will not be the only participant in a behavioral counseling program; you will also need to be willing to learn new techniques for changing your pet’s behavior, and it will be a time commitment as well as a test of your patience. No pet is going to transform into a perfectly behaved member of the family overnight, but if you stick with it, you will see progress.

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Don’t let behavioral issues get in the way of having a fulfilling and loving relationship with your pet. Petco puts on puppy classes and some more advanced training or there are trainers with classes in the area that are very good at helping with specific isssues you may have. What behavioral issues have you noticed in your pet?

What behavioral issues have you noticed in your pet?


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