Dr. Metzger grew up on an orange and avocado ranch in La Habra and was surrounded by pets of many types. His family had three dogs, a number of cats, a cockatoo, a desert tortoise and a possum! It was only natural for him to get into the veterinary medical field for a career—he still cares for pets daily as the Owner and primary Veterinarian at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital!

By the time he was 25 years old, Dr. Metzger had finished his undergrad studies as well as four years of veterinary school and a year and a half as an intern. In his last two years at vet school, he worked on the beginning of the artificial kidney! After many years owning and managing hospitals in Southern California, Dr. Metzger purchased Rainbow Veterinary Clinic several years ago, where he and his team happily serve the pets of Burbank and the surrounding area.

Dr. Metzger does everything he can to stay up-to-date on modern veterinary medicine—he feels it is his job not only to treat the ill, but to educate pet parents on how to keep their animals happy and healthy for as long as possible!

Dr. Metzger has two children, both of whom are married and have a child. His daughter is a former jet pilot with Net Jet, and his son is a production manager in theater. Dr. Metzger and his wife do a lot of gardening and do their best to finish details on their recently-built new home.

At home, Dr. Metzger has always kept mini dachshunds. Ask Dr. Metzger about his own dogs’ encounter with a pair of bobcats!