5 To Do’s Before Boarding Your Pets in Burbank, CA

When you’ve booked your ticket to your dream vacation, the odds are good that your furry family members won’t be coming along. They’ll be spending their own vacation at a boarding kennel. Staying at a kennel doesn’t have to be the traumatic experience some owners envision, as long as you’ve properly prepared before you leave your pet at the door.

Burbank Veterinarian Talks About Preparing for a Kennel

  1. Vaccinations –  All reputable kennels require that your pet’s vaccination schedule be up to date, including a bordetella, or kennel cough, vaccination. At Rainbow Vet Hospital we’ll make sure your pet’s vaccines are current and will give you a vaccination record for the kennel owner.
  2. Food  – If your pet has a special diet, bring enough food to last your entire vacation. Find out what feeding options the kennel has for dogs and cats. What will your pet eat if you’re delayed for a day?
  3. Medication  – If your pet is on medication it’s crucial that you find out if kennel workers will accommodate its medication schedule. Ask if the kennel will provide medication or if you’ll need to bring doses from home.
  4. Veterinary Services  – Does the kennel have a veterinarian on staff, or do they have a relationship with a local veterinary hospital? It’s important for you to know the exact procedure in case of a health emergency with your pet. If you’re at all worried about your pet’s health, look for boarding within an animal hospital like ours at Rainbow Vet Hospital.
  5. Credentials and Reliability –  At the end of the day you’re trusting your pet with a stranger, so the more reassurances you can have, the better. Check with the American Boarding Kennels Association. They maintain a list of inspected boarding facilities for pets, each of which has passed a stringent guidelines test.

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