5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

Summer is a great time to have fun in the sun with your pet but the season can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous for animal companions. Temperatures can rise to cause dehydration or heat stroke during the summer, for example, which can sometimes be difficult to detect in your pet. The risk for other perils rises in the warm weather, especially if you like to cook out, have guests over, or take your dog out for adventures in the summer sun. Our veterinarian at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital would like you to know these five easy tips to keep your pet safe this summer.

1. Never Leave Your Pets in a Parked Car

The temperature inside a car can reach 102 degrees within ten minutes on an 85-degree day, according to the Humane Society, even with the windows opened slightly.

2. Make Sure Your Pet’s Vaccinations Are Current

Summer is a great time of year for backyard parties, and some of your guests may bring their pets. Vaccinations reduce the risk that your pets will contract or spread infectious diseases.

3. Keep Your Pet Away From the Food Table During Cookouts and Picnics

Onions, garlic, bread dough, chocolate and avocado can be toxic to pets. In particular, keep alcohol away from your pets. Ingesting even a small amount of alcohol can cause significant intoxication and even life-threatening alcohol poisoning.

4. Make Sure Your Pet is Wearing a Visible ID Tag

Summer is the perfect time for throwing parties and going out on adventures, but these warm weather activities increase the risk that your pet will slip through the front door or get loose.

5. Provide Ample Shade and Shelter from Heat and Sun

Bring your pets into an air-conditioned environment whenever the temperatures rise. If you have strictly outdoor pets, make sure they have a shady, cool, and comfortable spot to rest.

What steps will you take to keep your pet safe this summer?


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