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Jennifer Garcia

Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer grew up in the Hollywood area with her parents. Being an only child, she often felt that pets were her brothers and sisters—she always wanted to keep them happy and healthy, which is why she got into the veterinary field. Now she cares for pets every day as a Veterinary Assistant at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital!

After high school, Jennifer started volunteering at the Burbank Animal Shelter while attending college classes. She’s currently attending Pierce College and Los Angeles Valley College to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. After volunteering at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, she was hired on as a vet assistant—she loves seeing a pet leave the hospital happy, and especially enjoys when a healthy animal licks her face as a thank-you!

Jennifer’s family has many pets. Oscar is the newest addition, a foster Doberman puppy. Mia the pitbull is the only female dog in the house. Blue is another Doberman who loves playing in the water. Max is the smallest dog of the household, and also enjoys swimming. Jennifer also has two rabbits, two guinea pigs, a few goldfish, and birds!

In her free time, Jennifer likes going to Hollywood to be with family and friends. She likes going to Runyon Canyon and the Hollywood sign, as well as attending Dodger games—for the garlic fries as much as the baseball!