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Leslie Duarte

Veterinary Technician

When she was 13 years old, Leslie’s Labrador mix cut her leg on a broken mirror. Leslie didn’t mind the blood and cleaned and dressed the wound herself. The dog healed up very well, and the incident inspired Leslie to pursue a career in the veterinary world!

Shoni Montgomery

Head Receptionist

Growing up in Burbank, California, Shoni always had pets. She found several stray cats, dogs, and even turtles! Her childhood dog Heidi inspired her to work with animals as a career, and now she cares for our four-legged friends as the Head Receptionist at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital.

Jennifer Garcia

Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer grew up in the Hollywood area with her parents. Being an only child, she often felt that pets were her brothers and sisters—she always wanted to keep them happy and healthy, which is why she got into the veterinary field. Now she cares for pets every day as a Veterinary Assistant at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital!

Evie Lugo

Certified Veterinary Assistant

When Evie’s sister’s adopted puppy was diagnosed with parvovirus, one of the technicians at Evie’s local animal hospital took her around the facility and showed her the surgery room. Caring for the puppy and seeing the medical facilities inspired Evie to become a Veterinary Assistant!

Ashley Anderson

Pierce College Veterinary Volunteer

Ashley knew she wanted to work in the veterinary profession ever since she was five years old. She would come home from school and watch animal shows on television, and would even practice wrapping up fake wounds on her animals as a child!

Mary Pedraja

Front Desk Specialist

Before working in the veterinary field, Mary was a bookkeeper in a downtown office. The commute and the office environment pushed her to look for another job. Without knowing anything about the veterinary world, she secured a job at a clinic, and it didn’t take long before she fell in love with the work!